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Recommended Mountain Clothing Recommended Mountain Equipment

Warm, wind proof jacket with hood - Good warm sleeping bag*
Waterproof jacket and over-trousers Water bottle (1 -to 2 litres)
Walking trousers, shirts, pullover Water purification tablets and filter
Warm underwear Wash kit, towel, toilet paper
Walking socks First aid kit ( including blister plasters, lip slave,
headache pills, sun cream, personal medication)
Good comfortable walking boots Torch with extra batteries
Trainers ( for evenings) Sunglasses
Gaiters Walking pole(s) glasses
Warm Gloves Rucksack or duffel bag
Sun hat
Warm hat or balaclava
Scarf Routes other than Marangu, you will need a tent with insulated
sleeping mat and possibly a long shaft ice axe

* It is recommended that trekkers bring their own personal sleeping bag as bags available may not be warm enough. A four seasons sleeping bag is recommended.

TREKKERS TIPS: It is a good idead to line all rucksacks and duffel bags with a large polythene bag and the contents into small individual polythene bags. It is also advisable to have a small day sack to carry your raincoat,
camera, packed lunch and items of a personal nature.

GREAT IDEA: A poncho is a good idea as it covers you and your day sack keeping everything dry if it rains.

Equipment Hire
For trekkers who are not fully kitted out, the following used equipment is available for hire from our company

All prices in US Dollars
Equipment Prices
Anorak $7.00
Balaclava $3.00
Battery $2.00
Duffel bag Bag $7.00
Gaiters $5.00
Gloves $5.00
Mountain Boots Bag $7.00
Pouch $7.00
Rain Coat $7.00
Rain Trousers $7.00
RuckSack $7.00
Sleeping Bag (not four season) $7.00
Socks $2.00
Stick $3.00
Sunglasses $5.00
Torch $3.00
Thick Sweater $7.00
Underwear Trousers $5.00
Water bottle $5.00
Tent $5.00(per person per day)

NB: Make sure that your boots are waterproof


2 x 2 litres water bottles (camel bags preferably)
1 head lamp (plus spare batteries & bulb)
1 pair of walking/ski poles
1 pocket swiss army knife
2 - 3 packets of moist towelettes.
1 travel pillow (optional)

Personal Items & Toiletries:

US $ Travellers cheques, toothpaste & tooth brush, body lotion, toilet paper and other personal hygiene items. (Ladies, please carry some sanitary toiletries as being at high altitude may alter your cycle).

Photographic (optional):

1 camera (plus spare batteries),film & tripod stand,different lenses,
1 pair of binoculars,video camera,video tapes, battery packs.
Miscellaneous (Optional):
notebook, pencil, sketchbook, masking tape, zip loc plastic bags, ear plugs, address list for post cards, map of Kilimanjaro (the trip leader will have one).


Yellow Fever: This is compulsory and a certificate might be requested on arrival at the airport. Please make sure that you have the shot in time.
Malaria: There are various types of medicine on the market today used for prevention and treatment of malaria. We recommend that you consult your doctor on which prophylactics to take.

Water purification tablets: On the mountain, we use water from the streams. Although drinking water will be boiled first, it is advisable to add a tablet or two - to be on the safe side.

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS): This is a condition commonly experienced at high altitude. In most cases, this can be avoided by following guidelines on hiking pace, eating, resting and fluid intake. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the various affects that altitude can cause.
(Please consult your doctor on use of Diamox - tablets used by some mountaineers to help them cope with the effects of altitude).

Personal medical supplies (optional): As your tour leaders, we will carry a group medical kit.

Some items that you might want to carry would include; aspirin, imodium, laxatives, antibiotics, bandages, malaria tablets, gauze, adhesives, betadine, throat lozenges, eye drops, sun block, lip balm, moleskin antihistamine tablets and cream.