Kilimanjaro National Park Tanzania is the home of Mount Kilimanjaro's equatorial snow-capped peaks, which one of the famous images of Africa ,Mount Kilimanjaro climb at 5,895m (19,340ft) , is the highest mountain in Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro is located at 3.07S, 37.35E.
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Kilimanjaro National Park
is the home of Mount Kilimanjaro's equatorial snow-capped peaks, which form some of the most famous images of Africa. At 5896m (19,340ft), Mount Kilimanjaro, situated in northeast Tanzania, is the highest mountain in Africa and one of the largest free-standing mountains in the world. It is actually an active volcano and possesses the highest walkable summit in the world, Uhuru Peak, one of six glaciers and volcanic peaks at the top.

Visitors climbing Mt. Kili to the summit pass through hot savannah, alpine tropics and finally an arctic moonscape. The scenery is varied and at different stages includes coffee and banana fields, giant lobelia, mosses and lichens; particularly lucky visitors may even spot elephant wandering the higher slopes. A game reserve since 1921, the area was designated a national park in 1973.

Mount Kilimanjaro at 5,895m (19,340ft) , is the highest mountain in Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro is located at 3.07S, 37.35E.

Kilimanjaro PARK'S SIGNIFICANCE to the climber

Mount Kilimanjaro, an awesome and magnificent mountain, is the highest mountain in Africa. It is also one of the largest single freestanding mountains in the world, composed of one extinct volcano; SHIRA (3962m) and two dormant volcanoes, MAWENZI (5149m) and KIBO (5894).

* Kilimanjaro mountain is one of the few ecosystems located near the equator that contains larger expenses of ice glaciers. It also has the greatest extent of alpine desert of all glaciated equatorial mountains in East Africa. Being close to the equator the snow-capped summit gives the mountain a unique and exceptional natural beauty.
* The montane forest on Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most important water catchment areas in northern Tanzania.
* Mount Kilimanjaro represents the world-wide image of Africa and its towering, snow capped, symmetrical cone is synonymous with Africa, internationally. Historically as well as in the present, the challenge of learning about, exploring and climbing this mysterious mountain has captured the imagination of people throughout the world. To many, the chance to climb this mountain is an adventure of a lifetime.
* The mountain supports a unique combination of eco-climatic zones that takes you on the equivalent of a trip from the Arctic to the Equator with only a modest commitment of time and energy. Few such ecosystems exist in the world especially in unaltered state.

Facts about Mt Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is the world's tallest free standing mountain.
Climbing mt. Kilimanjaro is a must for trekkers/ mountaineers.
Kilimanjaro can be climbed at any time of the year.
Kilimanjaro has a permanent snow-cap.
Successful climb of Kilimanjaro requires good health and fitness.
Any moderately fit person can summit mount Kilamanjaro.
At least 6 days of trekking is recommended for trekking mt. Kilimanjaro.
Mount Kilimanjaro is not a technical climb.
Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania, is the closest Airport to fly into/out.or Jomo Kenyatta airport in Nairobi but you board a scheduled shuttle bus for Nairobi-Arusha-Moshi.

  • Points to remember

    Hike on authorised routes only.
    - Do not kill, harass, disturb or feed any wild animals in the Park.
    - Do not bring any exotic animals and plants in the Park.
    - Never remove anything (whether animate or inanimate) from the Park.
    - Avoid wildfires by not throwing burning cigarette butts on the moorland.
    - Avoid littering trail and Park surroundings. Pack out your litter for disposal at the nearest hut station or Marangu Gate.
    - Use only licensed mountain guides from licensed mountain climbing operator.
    - Follow your guides and do not split from your group.
    - Never attempt to climb the mountain if you are not physically fit.
    - Never attempt to continue climbing if your body gets exhausted or when you have extreme mountain sickness please call upon your Guide who will in time call on a Rescue Team.